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Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Well, you just never know what I’ll find when I look through old stuff. 45 years in early childhood means lots of “antiques” and “treasures.” My kindergarten children loved this song – especially when they got to blow the bubbles! 

Miss Luci
(Tune: “I Had a Little Turtle”)
Miss Luci had a turtle.
His name was Tiny Tim. (Cup hands.)
She put him in the bathtub (Pretend to place in a bathtub.)
To see if he could swim. (Stroke arms as if swimming.)

He drank up all the water. (Slurp!)
He ate up all the soap. (Pretend to put soap in mouth.)
And now he’s sick in bed
With bubbles in his throat. (Blow bubbles with lips.)

Miss Luci called the doctor. (Pretend to hold phone to your ear.)
Miss Luci called the nurse.
Miss Luci called the lady
With the alligator purse.

In came the doctor. (Make “come” motion with hand.)
In came the nurse.
In came the lady
With the alligator purse.

Measles said the doctor. (Point right index finger.)
Mumps said the nurse. (Point left index finger.)
Nothing said the lady (Shake head and hold palms open.)
With the alligator purse.

Pills said the doctor. (Point right index finger.)
A shot said the nurse. (Point left index finger.)
Pizza said the lady (Circle arms in front like a pizza.)
With the alligator purse.

Out went the doctor. (Thumb up and move backwards.)
Out went the nurse.
Out went the lady
With the alligator purse. 

Here’s a little turtle made out of a margarine tub.

You can also make a turtle out of a paper bowl. Tearing construction paper and gluing it on to make the shell is great for small motor skills.

Want to see a selfie of the first verse so you'll get the tune?