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Thursday, May 22, 2014


As a follow-up to the rain hat story on Tuesday, I've come up with learning activities you can do with old newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. Perfect to keep those kiddles busy the last few days of school! 

But, also tuck these ideas away for next year when you need a center idea that relates to standards!
*Make the activities more difficult by having children label pictures and write sentences. Younger children could just cut out pictures.
*Many of these projects would also be good for two children to do together. Make sure they both sign their names on the paper when they turn it in.

Nouns (L.K.5a)
Fold a sheet of paper into fourths. Cut out two pictures of people, two pictures of animals, two pictures of places, and two pictures of things. Can you label your pictures?

Word Web (L.K.5c)
Cut out an interesting picture. Write words that describe the picture. 

I Like… (W.K.1) 
Cut out a picture of something you like and write about it.

Name Acrostic (RF.K.3a)
Write the letters in your name down the left side of a sheet of paper. Cut out words or pictures that begin with each letter and glue them next to the letter.

Wants/Needs (L.K.5a)
Make a T-Chart. Cut out pictures of things you want and glue them on one side. Cut out pictures of things you need and glue them on the other side.

Complete the Picture (SL.K.5)
Find an interesting picture and cut it out. Fold it in half and then cut on the creased line. Glue one half of the picture to a sheet of paper. (Give the other half to a friend.) Can you draw the missing half of the picture with markers and crayons? Can you think of a title for your picture?