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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Space Man - Glue a picture of a space man on a stick. Children can use “space man” between their words as they write.

Build a Word - Write a high frequency word on a stick. Write letters of the alphabet on spring clothespins. Children choose the letters and pin them on the craft stick to make the word.
Buddy Sticks - Put like stickers, letters, etc. on the bottom of sticks. When you get ready to do a partner project let children choose a stick. The person whose stick matches theirs becomes their partner.
*Put a letter, shape, numeral, and sticker on the four ends of the stick. Children will be surprised by the category you call for them to match up. 


Letter Pops - Glue magnetic letters to the end of craft sticks. Children can use these to match letters with print in the classroom. 
*Children can get together with friends and make words.
*Match uppercase and lowercase letters.
*Pass these out for children to hold up as you sing alphabet songs.
*Place in the classroom library. Children choose a letter and then match it up in the book. 
Number Pops - Magnetic numerals glued to sticks can be used for cardinality, joining sets, etc.

Shape Sticks - Glue foam shapes to sticks for children to match to geometric shapes in the classroom or around the school.