Monday, May 12, 2014


There’s more to an envelope than just a place to put a letter! 

Puppet - Cut the envelope in half and insert your hand.
*Let children make a puppet of their favorite character and use it to retell the story.
*Let children make puppets of nursery rhyme characters and use them to say rhymes.
*Let children make animals for science themes.
*Make puppets with different facial expressions and use to talk about feelings. 

Phonics - Write letters on envelopes. Say a variety of words. Children hold up their letter if the word starts with that sound.
Sing this song to the tune of “Hokey Pokey”:
         You put your (letter) in,
         You take your (letter out.
         You put your letter in
         And you shake it all about.
         You make the (letter sound) /_/ /_ / /_/
         And then you put it down.

Shapes - Have children draw shapes on envelopes and then match them up with shapes in the classroom.
Play “Simon Says” with the shapes.
         Simon says put the circle over your head.
         Simon says put the square between your knees.

High Five Words - Write high frequency words on the envelopes. Children walk around the room reading words as they give a “high five” to their friends.