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Saturday, May 24, 2014


You can even recycle newspapers and catalogs to create math activities!

Numbers (K.CC.1)
Can you find the numbers 1-10, cut them out, and them glue them in order?

Sets (K.CC.4)
Write numerals 1-5 and cut out sets for each one. 

Scoreboard (K.CC.6)
Cut out scores from the sports page. Can you tell which is more and which is less?

Addition (K.OA.3)
Cut out two pictures. Make up a number story based on objects in each picture.

Shapes (K.G.2)
Can you find a picture of a square, triangle, or circle? Can you find pictures of solid (3-dimensional) shapes?

Sorts (K.MD.3)
Fold a sheet of paper in half. Cut out objects that are alike and glue them on the same side. Can you give your sorting rule?

Have I got your creative juices going?  What else can you add to this list?