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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I Have – Who Has? - Write letters of the alphabet on envelope puppets and pass them out to the class. The child who has “A” stands and says, “I have A. Who has B?” The child with the “B” stands as says, “I have B. Who has C? and so forth.
*Write numerals on envelopes and play a similar game for counting. You can start with “1” or a random number.

Yes – No - Write “yes” on one side of the envelope and “no” on the other side. Ask simple review questions and the children hold up “yes” or “no” to answer.
*Let the children ask the questions for their classmates to respond.

Book Mark - Cut a corner off the envelope and use it as a bookmark.
*Children can mark their favorite page that they’d like to read to the class.
*Mark a page with a selected vocabulary word.
*Mark the solution in the story or another part.

Bracelet - Cut a strip off the envelope to make a cuff bracelet.
*Write bus numbers or lunchroom numbers at the beginning of the year.
*Write the school name and phone number for field trips.
*Send a “remember” note to parents.
*Write vocabulary words or high frequency words.
*Make seasonal or holiday bracelets.
*Let children save stickers on their bracelets.
*Use for letters, numerals, shapes, patterns, etc.