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Friday, May 23, 2014


Use these ideas now or "recycle" them next year in learning centers!

Bookmark (RF.K.3c)
Make a bookmark from a 2” x 8 ½” piece of construction paper. Cut out words you can read and glue them to the bookmark.

Verb Collage (L.K.5a)
Cut out verbs and make a collage.
*You could also make a collage of adjectives, adverbs, high frequency words, and so forth. 

Fact and Opinion
Cut out a picture. Can you tell two facts about the picture? Can you give an opinion about the picture? 

ABC Order (RF.K.1d)
Can you find a word or picture for each letter of the alphabet? (This takes a LONG time and could be something children work on for a week.)

What Will Happen Next? (W.K.3)
Cut out a picture and write a story about what you think will happen next.

Fiction – Nonfiction (RL.K.5)
Cut out a picture of something that is pretend/fiction. Cut out a picture of something that is real/nonfiction. Can you explain the difference?

Sequencing (SL.K.4)
Cut out comic strips and cut them apart. Can you put them back together and retell the story?
*Can your friend put them back together in correct order?

Picture Talk (W.K.2) 
Find a picture and write something about it.