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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I think I’m feeling “end of year” fever just like you and your students. They’ve worked hard all year, so let’s just PLAY! Every once in a while you need to stop and remember that you might have played tag or relays when you were a child, but have the children in your classroom ever played those games?

Hint! I remember when I introduced a new game to my students it usually wasn’t very successful the first time. Don’t give up because children need to play games several times before they “get it.”

Hug Tag
Materials: none
Designate a playing area. One child is “it.” “It” chases other children who must “freeze” when they are tagged. Players hug those who are “frozen” to “unfreeze” them

*Stoop Tag – Children stoop down on the ground when they are tagged.

*Cartoon Tag – Children must name a cartoon show when they are tagged.

*Shadow Tag – children must freeze when “it” steps on their shadow.

*Sticky Tag – Children must hold the part of their body that is tagged.