Friday, May 16, 2014


Everybody wants to be appreciated! Here are some clever ideas for awards you can give volunteers or school helpers at the end of the year. (Do a search of “candy bar awards” and you’ll be amazed!) Here are a few examples:

Kudos Bar – “Kudos to you!”
Snickers – “Nuts about you!”
100 Grand – “A million thanks for all you did!”
M & M’s – “You’re marvelous and magnificent.”
Mint – “You ‘mint’ the world to us.”
Hershey’s Kisses – and Hugs, too!
Lifesavers – “You were a lifesaver this year!”
If you’re not into sweets, here are some other ideas:
Pen or Pencil – You were the “write” stuff for us this year!
Apple – You’re the “apple” of our eyes.
Banana – We are “bananas” for you. Thanks a bunch for all you did!
Play Watch – Thanks for giving us such a good time!
Lotion – Thanks for your “gentle” helping hand this year.
Pack of Flower Seeds – Thanks for helping us grow!
Extra Gum – You always went that extra mile. Thanks!
Box of Crayons – Color your summer happy!
Pack of Nuts – The children are nuts about you! Thank you!
Roll of Tape – Thanks for always sticking in there with us!
Ice Cream Cone Coupon – You’re the best scoop! Thanks!
Gold Fish - We "O'fishally" thank you!

*Hint! Add children’s drawings to all of the above!