Monday, April 14, 2014


Fifteen years ago I was invited to Millville, NJ, to do a workshop for kindergarten teachers. Nancy May was the principal and her husband, Alex, was the technology “go to” for the school system. I wonder now where I would be without Alex. I mean, who had a website 15 years ago? Alex offered to help me and I guess the rest is history. Alex and Nancy are both retired, but a more active couple you’ll never find! From skiing, to boating, to hiking, to geocaching…they are always on the GO with their dog
Wigo! Alex still does consulting for charter schools and has an unquenchable thirst to learn new things. (He’s also the definition of PATIENCE as anyone who’s had trouble with a download from my Song Store will agree.) Alex and Nancy both have COMMON SENSE, which many in the field of education have lost recently. I thought you’d enjoy his insight and wisdom from a recent email:

We met two teachers from Indiana the other evening and had a very interesting conversation. During that time I remembered that I had recently read about Indiana backing out of Common Core.
Here is a link:
The woman was upset about it as her school and her team of teachers had put so much effort over the past three years into aligning curriculum, preparing materials and trying to teach to the Common Core standards. She said the state just tossed all of their work and no one at her school really knows why.

We commented about how many times we were forced to embrace a new program knowing that in about three years we would be trading it for another new program. I think it could all be much simpler.

All students should:
Get along and work well together
Read well enough to understand and apply what they read.
Perform whatever math they need for personal finance and for employment.
Be able to analyze a problem and suggest a solution.
Strive for excellence.
Just think if we were able to accomplish this with most of our students!

Just think if we could appoint Alex May to Secretary of Education!!!!

I'm "hoppy" "hoppy" because Kalina and K.J. are coming this week.  Here are some of our projects.