Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I just have to write this!
Wonder why I like children better than most adults? It’s because they look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. Last week it poured and rained and poured and rained some more in Charleston. There was no way they could do the Easter egg hunt outside, so they moved it inside. The little kids were in one room and the big kids were in another room. There were wall-to-wall eggs all over the floor and the kids had a BALL! They didn’t have to “hunt” – K.J. called it a “walk” because they just walked and picked up eggs. Every child got a basketful of eggs and they were happy. Nobody cried. Nobody got hurt. They were just as happy inside as outside – probably because of the candy. It’s interesting that several of my adult friends (grandparents) are still whining about the egg hunt. What??? The kids didn’t know any difference and they all had a great time. Grown-ups have such high expectations and want “events” to be perfect. Children are happy with plain vanilla, and you and I are lucky to be part of their rose-colored world! 

My fitness teacher said that Easter egg hunts are proof that children can find something that's lost if they really want to!

Here's a "happy appy" for sign language.  I love sign language because it’s so multi-sensory and engaging.  I found several free sign language apps, but I went ahead and bought this one for $2.99, and it’s worth eve
ry penny! There’s a video dictionary with literally thousands of words. There are different categories for the alphabet, fingerspelling, numbers, etc. The reason I like the videos is that there’s a button for “replay” as well as “slow.” You can see the sign for the word as well as the fingerspelling of the word. This would be very useful for: 
         *introducing word wall words
         *spelling words

For children who are struggling, sign language can provide another pathway to the brain. For children who need a challenge, this is a whole new opportunity for them.

I think some of you have already bought my new app called “Read a Book.” Dan Sheffield at Help Me 2 Learn and I are anxious to hear your feedback. And, we'd also like to hear what your children think!  (Personally, for $.99 I think it’s a bargain.  Both of my grandchildren LOVE it!)  You can use the link below or search “dr jean” in the app store. (You’ll find me between the “Bon Appetit Diet” and “Dental Navigator.”) Work is underway for another app called “This Is How You Learn to Read.” Who would have thought ten years ago that the world could be held in the palm of your hand! I’m an old dog that keeps learning new tricks! 

iPad version is:

iPhone version: