Tuesday, April 29, 2014


W.l Opinion – What I Like to Do Outside
Make blank books by folding two sheets of paper in half and stapling the side. Children draw pictures and write WHAT I LIKE TO DO OUTSIDE.

W.2 Descriptive Writing – My Senses

Prepare a worksheet with the following:
I see _______.
I hear _______.
I smell _______.
I touch ______.
I taste ______.

Take children outside with a clipboard (or book they can write on) and have them fill in the blanks. Encourage them to illustrate their sentences and share them with classmates when you return to the room.
*Put these together to make a class book.

W.3 Narrative Cartoon
Prepare cartoon frames for children with 3 or 4 sections. Have them use the cartoon frames to illustrate something in nature, such as the life cycle of a butterfly, how a seed grows, an egg hatching, and so forth. Demonstrate how to add dialogue bubbles so the characters can talk. 

W.7 I Wonder Research

Make “thinking pads” for children by cutting paper into fourths and stapling several sheets together. Explain that you will take a “wonder walk” on the school grounds. If they see something they’d like to know more about, they can draw a picture or write it on their thinking pads. Let children share what they recorded when you return to the classroom. Brainstorm how they can find out more about their topic.
*Let them do “research” with their parents for homework.