Saturday, April 12, 2014


Bibbity – bobbity – boo!
Ideas from Iowa and Illinois for you!

Bibbity Boppity Boo Cheer (Emily Matus)
Bibbity boppity boo - (Pretend to tap wand three times.)
Three cheers for you! (Wave pretend wand in the air.)

Bubble Cup (Emily Matus)
(Pretend to hold your cup and blow 3 bubbles with your wand.)
Clap! Clap! Clap! (Pretend to pop the bubbles.)

Basketball Cheer (Emily Matus)
Dribble, dribble, dribble… (Pretend to dribble a basketball.)
Slam dunk! (Pretend to slam dunk a ball.)

Journal Book Idea (Becky Bertrand) 

1.  Take a cereal box and open both ends.
2.  Cut the bottom and top flaps off.
3.  Flatten the box so it has the food information on the left side.
4.  Cut a thin part off the right side of the box.
5.  Open on crease and place blank paper inside.
6.  Close and staple papers on the crease. Flip open and write. 

Giant Magnetic Board
(Gerry Gilbert)
Purchase 3’ x 4’ metal oil drip pan at Walmart in the auto department. The children can write on them with dry erase markers and make roads for cars or they can be used with magnetic letters, numbers, and shapes. They are very versatile and can be used inside or outside.