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Saturday, February 13, 2016


Reading is like anything else - the more you do it the better you will become. Here are some engaging ways to encourage independent reading.

Mirror Reading
Let children read books to themselves in a mirror.

Pick a Pal
Place a basket of books and small stuffed animals or puppets in the center. Children choose a book and read it to a toy.

Read to a Star
Frame photographs of sports figures, politicians, or musicians that children are familiar with in the classroom library. Children choose a book and then read it to their favorite star.

Book Bucks
Children make wallets out of construction paper. (Place a sheet of construction paper lengthwise on the table and fold up the bottom 1” below the top. Fold in half. Glue the two sides.) Cut “book bucks” out of 2” x 4” green paper. Every time children read a book they can write the title on a “book buck” and save it in their wallets.
Whisper Phone
Phonics phones are perfect for children to hear themselves read. You can purchase these or make one out of PVC pipe. 

Hint!  T
each the children how to make a phone with their hand. If they cup one hand around their ear and the other hand around their mouth they can hear themselves read.