Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I can recognize and name end punctuation.

Glass Pebbles
Let children use glass pebbles to find punctuation in books and magazines.
*Can they tally how many periods, exclamation, and question marks they find on a selected page?

Punctuation Sticks
Make a period, exclamation point, and question mark on the ends of jumbo craft sticks. Write simple sentences on a sheet of paper. Children put different sticks at the end of the sentences and read accordingly.
*This is fun to do with a friend. 

I can write a letter for each sound.

Buddy Writing
Place magnetic letters in a bag. One child is the “teacher” and the other child is the “student.” The “teacher” chooses a letter and hides it in her hand. She makes the sound and the “student” writes the letter. The “teacher” reveals the letter and they make corrections. Reverse roles and continue playing.