Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Phonological awareness is the ability to play with sounds and manipulate sounds. Here are some concrete ways to enable children to "play" with syllables and word families (aka onsets and rimes).

1, 2, 3 Sound Sort
Divide a piece of construction paper into thirds. Write 1, 2, 3 in the different sections. Have picture cards of objects with one, two, or three syllables. Children choose a card and then place it in the correct category.

*You could also let them sort sight words according to syllables.
Hint! Demonstrate how to place your palm gently under your chin. Every syllable has a vowel and when you make a vowel sound your chin will drop. This is a way children can check how many syllables are in words.

Block Rimes
Cut paper the size of square and rectangular unit blocks. Write onsets on the squares and rimes on the rectangles. Children put blocks together and read words.

Rime Eggs
Using plastic eggs, write onsets with a permanent marker on one half of the egg. Write a rime on the other. Children twist the egg and read the words.
*Can they write the words that they make?
I “Tin” Make Words
Place magnetic letters that can be used to make a word family in an empty mint tin. For example: o, p, t, m, h, c, b. Add a list of words that can be made from the letters in the tin. (hop, mop, top, cop, pop, bop) Children reproduce the words on the lid of the tin and read them. You could also ask them to write the words.
Phonics Fingers
You will need 3 pairs of white cloth garden gloves for this project. Cut the
fingers off the gloves. Write a letter on each finger with markers. (Write
consonants in blue and vowels in red.) Children insert glove fingers on
their own fingers to make CVC words. Have them substitute letters to
make new words.