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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Ready for Writing Rap (Traci Wade) 
1, 2…sit up, please do. 
3, 4…feet flat on the floor. 
5, 6…push your chair in quick. 
7, 8…lay your paper straight. 
9,10…write neatly then. 

I can write, draw, and say what happened to tell a story.

Prepare cartoon frames with two, three, and four sections.
1st - Begin with two frames and ask children to draw/write in the frames what happens to them at the beginning of the day and the end of the day.
*Let them use the two frames to draw/write what happened in the beginning and end of a book that was read.

2nd – Ask children to draw/write what happens at the beginning, middle, and end of their day.
*Use three frames to recall the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

3rd – Encourage children to create original stories with four frames. *Demonstrate how to make dialog bubbles to make their cartoon characters talk.

Pick a Picture
Download art masterpieces or unusual photos from the internet and glue to cardstock. Children take turns choosing a picture and writing stories. What are the people saying? What happened before the picture? What will happen next?

I can edit my work to make it better.

After children write a sentence tell them to underline the capital letter with a green crayon or 

marker. Underline the punctuation at the end with a red crayon or marker. If they read their sentence and it sounds good they can use the yellow marker to give it a smiley face or a star.