Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Your kids will get a kick out of doing the daily schedule in reverse order. Start the day with the good-bye song, eat your dessert first, read a book backwards, etc.

I can give the opposite of a word.

Opposite Song (Tune: “Shortnin’ Bread”)
You can do opposites, opposites, opposites.
You say the opposite word after me.
Hot (Cold) Big (Little)
Near (Far) Fast (Slow)
North (South) Loud (Soft)
On (Off) Tall (Short)
Boy (Girl) Black (White)
Laugh (Cry) Good (Bad)
Sweet (Sour) Wet (Dry)
Full (Empty) Beginning- and “The End.”

*Let children suggest other antonyms you can sing in the song.

Antonym Actions

Let children act out words that are opposite. Take pictures of children making opposite motions and put them together to make a book.

Flip Book
Fold a sheet of paper into eighths. Open and fold in half lengthwise. Cut up on the three creases to the middle fold. Children draw one thing on the front and then open and draw the opposite inside.

*Ask children to label their drawings.