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Friday, February 19, 2016


Looking for ways to reinforce writing standards? Here are some simple ideas that can be used in a center for independent writing.

I can write, draw, and tell my opinion.
Fold two sheets of paper in half. Staple. Use to make the following books:
      I Like       I Don’t Like
      I Wish      I Want
      I can        Goals
      Love Is…  Happiness Is…
      Scary Things 

      Things That Bug Me
*Remind children to use as many colors as they are in age when they make their books.

Hint! Vary book making with markers, crayons, colored pencils, and other writing materials.

I can write, draw, and tell to teach.
Give children a step book to write a “how to” book. Take two sheets of paper and place the top sheet about 1” below the bottom sheet. Fold backwards and adjust to make four layers or “steps.” Staple at the top. Children can use these to write/draw:
      How to build a snowman
      How to make a peanut butter sandwich
      How to be a buddy
      Life cycle