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Saturday, May 28, 2016


Did you know that I LOVE potato chips? My family usually gives me a bag for Christmas, my birthday, and other special events. I try not to eat potato chips too often because I know they are not good for me, but I do love that salty greasy taste!!!  I’ve been brainstorming projects for some summer make and take workshops and I’ve come up with a few things to do with an empty Pringle’s can. So, I guess I’ll just have to eat those chips whether they are good for me or not!!!

Line up chips – Write numerals 1-25 (or however many students you have) on the chips with a permanent marker. Cut a slit in the top of the can. Pass out the chips. As you count from 1-25, children holding that chip come up and place it in the can.
Brain sprinkles – Cover the can with fancy paper. Put a tablespoon of rice in the can and glue on the lid. Explain that it’s “brain sprinkles” and pretend to sprinkle it over the children’s heads when you want them to introduce something new.

Letter cups – Write letters of the alphabet on plastic bathroom cups. Stack them up and place in the can. Children can use these for making their names, sight words, alphabetical order, etc.
Number cups – Write numbers on the cups (1-20 or as high as your students can go). Children can use these for numerical order and other math games.

Eye can – Cover the can with paper and then glue on googly eyes. If a child says, “I can’t” hand them the can as you say, “Eye can!”
Question sticks – Give each child a jumbo craft stick. They write their name on the center of the stick and then color one end green and one end red. Insert the sticks in the can with the green end on top. Ask a question, twirl the can around, and choose a stick. That child gets to answer the question (or they can phone a friend). After they’ve had a turn put the stick back in the can with the red end on top. When all the sticks are red, turn them over and start again.
Lucky sticks – Children write their names on a stick and decorate it. Place the sticks in the can. When you have a special job to be done, choose a stick and that “lucky” child gets to be yr helper. Put their stick in an envelope in your drawer after they’ve had a turn. When everyone has had a turn place the sticks in the can and begin again.

Bank – Let children decorate cans with art media. Cut a slit in the top and use as a bank.
*Let them save brain tickets or other rewards in the can.

Roll ‘em – Put one or two dice in the can. The children shake the can and dump out the dice.
*If you use one die they can color in a grid every time they roll that number.

*If you use two or three dice they can write the equation and answer.

Bounce and Catch - Give children a Pringle's can and a tennis ball.  Can they bounce it and catch it in the can?  Can they play bounce and catch with a friend?