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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Looking for a new idea to help you make it to the end of the school year?  These washable markers come with a regular or "crystal"effect and can be used on windows or mirrors. (Walmart, Target, and many stores carry these.)  They would be entertaining and educational in the classroom - and they'd provide hours of open-ended fun if you are an aunt, uncle, or grandparent who might have children visiting this summer.
Here are some ways to use these markers in your classroom.

Write letters, words, numerals, shapes, or anything you want to reinforce on windows or mirrors.
*Let children wear sunglasses and identify the information with a pointer.

Let children practice writing letters, numerals, spelling words, etc. on classroom windows.
* How about rainbow writing? Make giant letters, shapes, words, etc. on windows. Children can take the markers and trace around the figures with different colors.

Use these as a reward or when children finish their work early.

Use the classroom mirror as a message board to write words of encouragement, reminders, or to celebrate accomplishments.

Special Days
Let children decorate classroom windows holidays, seasons, themes, or other special events.


Write a word or theme and invite children to add their own thoughts to the window.

Sign In
Children can write their name or a special message when they come to school each morning.


What an open-ended art center this could be throughout the year!

Hint! I found it was best to wipe off the marks with a wet towel to remove most of the color.  Then spray with a window cleaner.