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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Look at these "beauties" I met in Alabama last week?   
One teacher shared this idea she found on Pinterest.
Instead of tattling, the boys and girls try to catch each other doing something well or kind. They can “Tootle” (ta ta ta ta ta ta taaa!) and tell the class or teacher.

It reminded me of the "Toot-a-Roo" a teacher told me about several years ago. Cut paper towel rolls in half and let the children decorate them with markers and stickers. When a child accomplishes something or you want to reward them the class gets their toot-a-roos and "ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, tala!"
"Beano” Game (Rollins Thorpe)
You will need “Five Hour Energy” bottles without labels to make this game. Write a number on the outside with a sharpie and put that many beans inside the bottle.
Students shake out some beans, count them, and decide how many must be inside for the bottle to reach the number on the bottle.
They can keep playing until they have found all of the combinations.

Knock Knock!My daughter Holly wrote this rhyme about ten years ago, but one of the best things about children and poems is that they never go out of style.

Write this poem on a chart or make a PPT. Read it over several times with your class.
*Divide the class into two groups. Let one group read the "Knock! Knock" while the other group responds.
*Let the teacher read the "Knock! Knock!" and the children respond.
*Use different voices to reflect the characters in each rhyme.
*Enlarge the font and print a rhyme on each page. Pass these out to the children to illustrate. (This would be a good project to do with a friend.) Put their pictures together to make a class book.
*Invite children to make up their own "Knock! Knock!" rhymes.
Knock! Knock!
By Dr. Holly

Knock! Knock! Who can it be?
Little mousie, squeak! squeak! squeak!

Knock! Knock! Who’s at the door?
Boom! boom! boom! It’s a dinosaur.

Knock! Knock! Who is that?
It’s a drummer—rat-a-tat-tat!

Knock! Knock! Guess who?
Baby crying—boo-hoo-hoo!

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?
Grrr! Grrr! It’s a grizzly bear!

Knock! Knock! Who can it be?
It’s a cowboy—How-dy!

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?
Granny in her underwear! (or rocking chair if it’s less scandalous)

Knock! Knock! Who’s at the door?
Big strong lion—roar! roar!

Knock! Knock! Guess who?
Opera singer—la da de do!

Knock! Knock! Who is that?
Purr, purr, my big fat cat!

Knock! Knock! Guess who?
Mr. Robot—Hello. How are you?

Knock! Knock! Who can it be?
A librarian—shhh! Quiet please!