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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


I always say, “Children tell us things by their behavior.” And one thing you might have noticed about your students’ behavior recently is their frustration from testing. Do they seem to be a little “testy” with their classmates? Here are some ideas that may help them work out conflicts.

Peace Flower
You’ll need a large fake flower to make “peace.” When two children come to you to solve an argument hand them the flower. Explain that they must both hold the flower with two hands and look at each other. When they’ve worked out their problem and have “peace” they can hug and go back and play.

Peace Talks
Here's another “peaceful” way to solve problems using a composition book or spiral notebook. Ask the children who have had a conflict to sit next to each other at a table. Open the notebook and put it between them. Explain that you want to know both of their opinions of what the problem is. Give them pencils and ask them to write and draw their version of what happened in the book. When they have resolved their problem they can bring you the book and go back and play.
Friendship Tools (Liz Watras)
Teach children sign language for these words so they can use them to help them express their feelings. I’d suggest introducing one word each day at morning meaning and then reinforcing it at appropriate times during the day.
Hint!,, and have a dictionaries where you can see videos clips of these words.

Ask (Palms together bring to your chest as if praying.)

Help (Make a fist with one hand and place it on the open palm of the other hand. Bring both up in the air at the same time.)

Stop (One palm open. Pretend to chop it with the other palm.)

Trade (Hold one hand in front of the other. Switch places and then switch places again.)

Wait (Hold hands up and off to the side and wiggle the fingers.)

Yes (Make an “s” with your fist and raise and lower it like your head.)

No (Middle and index finger straight and close toward the thumb.)

Share (Open palm and tap thumb on open palm of the other hand.)

Include (Pretend to grab something in the air and put it in the other hand.)

Please (One palm open on chest and make a circular motion.)

Thank you (Touch fingertips on chin and extend out.)

Excuse me (One palm up and brush fingertips of other hand across.)

Peace and Quiet
Here's an attention grabber that never fails.  Tell children when you make the peace symbol (middle and index finger up in the air) with one hand and put the index finger from your other hand on your lips they should do the same thing.  Tadaa!  Peace and quiet!!!!