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Sunday, May 29, 2016


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I don't know where you are going this summer, but I know where I will be and I hope you'll join me at one of my summer camps! 

June 21-22, Phoenix, Arizona

July 26-27, Albany, NY

August 2-3, Manchester NH
We'll sing, dance, do crafts, and make new friends. And, I promise you'll be more excited about starting the new school year because of all the new activities you'll learn.


My sister used to have a sign on her refrigerator that said, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." I want YOU to be happy because then your students will be happy!  Come to Summer Camp and you'll remember how much FUN teaching can be!

DAY 1: Totally Reading
• Brain Energizers—Sing Along • Review of Research • Focusing on Standards • Creating a Literate Environment • Print Knowledge • Functional Print • Phonological Awareness • Fun Phonics • Stories to Promote Oral Language • Word Games and Fluency • Comprehension Strategies •Vocabulary Builders • Writing Connections • Writing Across the Curriculum

DAY 2: Totally Math and Classroom Management
• Brain Energizers—Sing Along Handshakes
• 21st Century Skills • Math Standards • Counting Songs • Numbers and Sets • Addition and Subtraction • Algebraic Thinking• Geometry, Measurements • Math Every Day • Differentiating Instruction • Questioning Strategies and Mind Mapping • Games That Teach • Center Management • Principles of Classroom Management • “Tricks” and Transition Tips • Home/School Connections *Science Surprises