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Sunday, May 8, 2016




Here are some more activities to end your year in a "sweet" way!

Sweet Dreams Pillowcase
Ask your students to bring in a plain white pillowcase.  Their friends can decorate these with fabric pens with their names and pictures.  That way they'll have “sweet dreams” all summer!
Memory Shirt 
Have children bring in an old t-shirt from home. (White works best.) Provide them with fabric pens and let them have friends write their names and draw pictures on their shirts.

"Through the Year" Necklace (Keta Turner)
Let children string the following beads on a cord as you review the school year.
Yellow bead-August (for the sun-it was summer when we started school.
Brown bead-September (football started!)
Orange bead-October (jack-o-lanterns)
Black bead-November (like the Pilgrim hats we made)
Red bead-December (for Santa's suit)
White bead-January (snow)
Pink bead-February (Valentine's day)
Green bead-March (St. Patrick's day)
Blue bead-April (April showers...)
Purple bead-May (May flowers)
P.S. We do not go to school in the month of June, but I thought June could be a clear bead: "Clearly" you worked hard this year.

Note! Some of you might not do holidays, but you could tie this necklace in with seasons (orange for leaves turning colors or pink for the blossoms on the trees) or units of study (red for the field trip to the fire station or green for the seeds we planted).

Time Capsule 
Create a memento of the year with a time capsule. Ask each child to bring in Pringle’s can. Have them draw a picture of themselves and put it in the can. Let them write or dictate what they want to be when they grow up and illustrate it. Challenge them to collect a wrapper from their favorite food, something their favorite color, friends’ signatures, and other small, meaningful objects to add to their bottles. After gluing on the lid and decorating the outside, send the time capsules home with a note to the parents asking them to save them until their child graduates from high school.
Hint! Plan several days for this project. It’s “no fun” if you have to do it all at once. A parent volunteer would be very helpful!

Time Line
Give each child a long strip of paper. Draw a line down the middle. Have children draw what they looked like when they started the school year on the left and what they look like now on the right. They can fill in the middle of the time line with special memories. (You might need to brainstorm or show photos to spark their memories.)

Now I Can! 
Brainstorm all the things your students have learned during the school year. Give each child a sheet of paper and have them draw something they couldn’t do at the beginning of the year that they can do now. Complete this sentence: “I couldn’t _______, but now I can _______.” Make a cover that says “Now I Can!” and bind to make a book.

The Best Thing About… 
Invite children to recall some of their favorite memories from the school year. Give them a sheet of paper to illustrate it. Ask them to write (or dictate) a sentence about it. Put their pictures together in a cover that says, “The Best Thing About (Grade)” and bind. Save the book to read to your new class when school starts.