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Friday, May 6, 2016


Keep on singing to the last day with these songs!
Zippity Do Dah       
Zippity do dah - Zippity ay.
Look out (first grade, second grade, upcoming grade) 
We’re on our way.
Zippity do dah - Zippity ay.
Plenty of learning coming our way.
(Teacher’s name) is by my shoulder.
It’s the truth. It’s actual.
Everything is satisfactual.  
Zippity do dah - Zippity ay.
Look out world, we're on our way!

End of Year Cadence
(The children repeat each line.)
The school year is coming to an end. (Stand, march, and slap thighs to the beat.)
We’ll say so long to all our friends.
We’ve learned to read and write and spell.
We know our shapes and numbers well.
We’ve learned to follow classroom rules.
Getting along is really cool.
Science, music, art, PE.
School’s been great for you and me.
Summer’s time for outdoor fun.
Read every day and play in the sun.
And when school begins again.
We’ll be happy to see our friends.

Days Left in the Year Song – Count down as you sing this song to the tune of “100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall.”
(Number of days) left in the school year.
(Number of days) left, that’s so.
We’ve had fun, we’re almost done.
(Number of days) to go.

*Make a paper chain and use it to count down the final days of school.

*Make a bulletin board with balloons for the number of school days left. Pop one balloon each day. (These could be real balloons or paper balloons.)

School Is Over   (Tune: Frere Jacques)
School is over.
School is over. (Children repeat each line.)
Time to go.  (Wave good-bye.)
Time to go.
We’ve had fun learning.
We’ve had fun learning.
Love you so.  (Hug self.)
Love you so.