Sunday, July 14, 2019


If you’ve never made these, then today is the day!!! They are a hands-on way children can connect to abstract sounds and numbers and can be used in a multiple of ways.

Letter Pops

What? jumbo craft sticks, magnetic letters, E6000 glue (or similar craft glue)

Why? letter recognition, phonics, print knowledge

When? Large group, small group, independent

How? Glue the magnetic letters to the jumbo craft sticks.

*Children can use these to match letters on classroom print. They can also find objects in the room beginning with that sound.

*Let children hold up letter pops as you sing alphabet songs.

*Children can get together with friends and make words with their letter pops.

*Place the letter pops in a can in the classroom library. Children choose a letter and then match it up with that letter in a book.

*Play “Letter Pokey” which is similar to the “Hokey Pokey.”

*Match upper and lowercase letters.


Shape and Number Sticks

What? jumbo craft sticks, magnetic numbers and shapes, E6000 or similar glue.

Why? number and shape recognition, counting songs and finger plays

When? Large group or small group

How? Glue magnetic numbers and shapes to jumbo craft to use with the activities below.

*Pass out numeral sticks to children. Can they walk around the room and match up their numeral with classroom print?

*Can children get in order from 0-9?

*Ask children to walk around the room and find a number less than theirs. Can they find a number that’s greater? Can they find a number that’s the same?

*Let children hold up appropriate sticks as you sing or say rhymes.

*Call out a number. Students have to find a friend whose stick added to theirs makes the sum. Record the different combinations.

*Pass out shape sticks for children to match in the classroom. Are the shapes flat or solid?

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