Monday, July 15, 2019


This game can be adapted to a variety of skills. It’s an activity your students will WANT to do over and over.

What? colored construction paper or card stock, spring clothespins, markers, scissors, string

Why? sight words, letters, numerals, shapes, etc.

When? Small group, learning center, partner

How? Cut clothes out of construction paper and write skills on them. Tie a string (clothesline) between two chairs. Spread the clothes on the floor as you say, “My house is so messy. Who can help me clean it up?” Children take turns choosing an item, identifying the information, and then hanging it on the clothesline.

*Put days of the week on the clothes for the children to hang up in order.

*Write numbers (1-10 whatever you are working on) for the children to put in order.

*Write words in Spanish on some clothes and words in English on others. Children hang up the ones that go together.