Friday, July 26, 2019


You definitely want a stinky cheese game in your hip pocket when school begins. This game is the perfect way to nurture social skills and the executive function (self-regulation, task initiation and completion). Children will learn to take turns and practice “losing.” (Your silly reaction to “stinky cheese” will encourage the children to laugh along with you.

Stinky Cheese

What? lunch bag, yellow construction paper or poster board, marker

*Hint! An empty cheese cracker box will make a more durable container for the game.

Why? sight words, fluency phrases, letters, math facts, shapes, etc.


When? Large group or small group

How? Cut cheese slices out of poster board or construction paper using the pattern. Write letters, words, numbers, etc. or any skill you want to reinforce on the cheese slices. On two slices write “Stinky Cheese!” Place the cheese slices in the lunch sack. Children pass around the sack drawing out one slice at a time. If they can identify the information on the slice they get to keep it. If they get “Stinky Cheese!” everyone holds their noses and says, “Stinky Cheese!” That person must then put all her slices back in the bag.

Hint! If children can’t identify what is on their cheese slice invite them to “phone a friend” (ask a friend) or “ask the audience” (ask the group).

Role Model

Some children need to learn how to “lose.” Explain that when something doesn’t go your way you just say, “OH, WELL!” as you open your palms and shrug your shoulders. Have children practice saying, “Oh, well!” when they lose.

*How about a game of “stinky feet” or “stinky socks”?