Thursday, July 18, 2019


How about another tool that can be used in multiple ways throughout the school year.

Clip It

What? jumbo craft sticks, clothes pins, markers

Why? letters, sight words, names

When? Learning center, independent

How? Write the letters of the alphabet on the clothespins. Write words on the craft sticks. Children match letters and clip them on the stick to make the words.

Have children write the words after they make them with the clothespins.

*At the beginning of the school year use children’s names and pictures for this activity.

Teddy Bear Clip

Clothespins are a natural way to develop small muscles and pincer grip. Use this game pattern for skills you’ll want to reinforce in a learning center.

What? heavy paper, clothespins, markers

Why? color words, upper and lowercase letters, pictures and sounds, sets and numerals, math facts and answers, etc.

How? Cut bears out of different colors of paper. Cut shirts out of white paper and write color words on them. Children match bears with the appropriate color word and chip them on the bears.


*Younger children can use this game for matching like colors.

* Write uppercase letters on the bears and lowercase letters on the shirts.

*Write math facts on the bears and answers on the shirts.
*Put pictures that rhyme for the children to match.

*Match antonyms or synonyms.