Wednesday, July 24, 2019


There will be transition times in every school day when you will need a bag of tricks to entertain the children. If you don’t direct children’s attention in a positive way they will become restless and troublesome. With this juke box you will always have a song or rhyme handy when you have a few extra minutes or can’t think of anything to do.

Juke Box

What? gift bag, poster board or fun foam, marker, scissors

Why? focus children’s attention, oral language, social skills

When? Transitions, in between times, preparing for group activities

How? Decorate the gift bag with the words “Juke Box.” To make CDs cut 4” circles out of fun foam or heavy cardboard. Write words to songs, finger plays, rhymes, and chants on the CDs and place them in the “juke box.” When you’ve got a few extra minutes pretend to give a child a quarter. Tell them to put it in the juke box and pull out a song or rhyme.

Hint! Invite that child to lead the class in the song or poem.

Song Pops

Cut 3" circles out of card stock or heavy paper. Write song titles on the circles and glue to craft sticks to make "song pops." Place in a can and when you need to wiggle and smile pull out a song pop and sing and dance!


Tide Tricks

Use an empty box or jug from Tide detergent. Keep simple games, stories, play dough, puzzles, blank books, etc. in it for when you need something to “tide” children over to the next activity.