Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Here’s another game with built in feedback. Children can use these “brains" over and over and you’ll make sure they are learning the correct information.

What? poster board, hole punch, marker, scissors, golf tee or pencil

Why? math facts, phonics, antonyms, sets and numbers

When? learning center, independent, with a partner

How? Cut brains out of poster board using the pattern. Punch about 10 holes around the outside edge as shown. Write a math fact by each hole on the front and the answer by the hole in the back. Children put the golf tee in the hole and say the answer to the math fact, and then they turn the brain over and check their answer on the back.
*Two children can also play this game. One “pokes” and the other confirms.

What? paper plates or heavy paper, markers, scissors, zip bag

Why? rhyming words, compounds, math concepts, blends, second language, etc.

How? Cut paper plates in half or thirds with a puzzle design.  Put rhyming pictures, upper and lowercase letters, numbers and amounts, etc. on the puzzle pieces. The game is self-checking because the pieces will fit if they match the correct pictures. 

*Use hearts, kites, pumpkins, or other seasonal shapes to make puzzlers.