Friday, July 5, 2019


You can call this worm Willy or Wanda or Wilbur or Winnie, but whatever you name it your kids will call it FUN! It's simple to make and can be adapted for many different skills.

What? paper plates, markers, construction paper, scissors, glue

Why? letters, numbers, sight words, shapes, etc.

When? large group

How? Decorate one plate to look like a silly worm. On the other plates write letters with a marker. Place the worm’s head down on the floor. Pass a plate to each child.  (You can do this in alphabetical order or randomly.)  The first child comes up, puts her plate next to the worm’s head and says the letter. The second child says the letter on the first plate and then says her letter and adds it to the worm’s body. The game continues as children say previous letters and then add their letter to the worm.

More? Challenge children to add the letters in alphabetical order.

Sight words – Write sight words on plates and add to the worm as children read the words.


Numbers – Write numbers on the plates and put in order.

Second Language – Write words from a second language you want the children to learn.  You could put English on the front and the translation on the back.


Musical Plates 
Scatter the plates on the floor. Play some catchy music for the children to dance to. When the music stops each child finds a paper plate and picks it up. The teacher randomly points to various children to identify the information on their plate. Put the plates back down on the floor and continue dancing and picking up plates.