Sunday, July 21, 2019


Play dough is multi-sensory, engaging, creative, and open-ended. Talk about PURPOSEFUL PLAY! These play dough plates are a perfect way to strengthen those small muscles and reinforce skills.

Letter Plates

What? plastic plates, play dough, permanent marker

Why? small motor skills, letters, sounds, numbers, shapes

When? Learning center

How? Write letters on the plastic plates with a permanent marker. Children roll the play dough and place it on top of the letters. Challenge them to make something that starts with that sound.

Note! I traced around the letter on the front and back of the plate. You can use upper case letters, lowercase letters, or both like I do.

Number Plates

Write numbers on plastic plates. Children can roll play dough and place it on top of the numbers and then make sets to equal that amount. 


*Challenge them to make different combinations of that number?

Shape Plates

You can also make shape plates for the children to reproduce.


*Can they draw the shape with paper and pencil after they make it?