Sunday, July 7, 2019


Your class will get a kick out of barking like a dog with this game!

What? cardstock or poster board, scissors, markers, empty dog biscuit box or plastic dog dish

Why? letters, sight words, phrase cards, numbers, math facts

When? small group or learning center

How? Cut out dog bones and write sight words, math facts, letters, etc. on them. On a few write “Woof! Woof!” Pass the box around and let each child pull out a bone and identify the information. If they select “Woof! Woof!” they have to get down on the floor on all fours and bark like a dog. (They love it!)

Who Let the Letters Out?
Place letters in a dog dish or empty box of dog biscuits. Children reach in
and pull out one letter at a time as you chant:
     Who let the D out?
     /d/ /d/ /d/ /d/ /d/