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Wednesday, June 7, 2023


Life and teaching are full of surprises!  

Have you ever had a child pick up a book and say, "I can read!"  It's a little magic, isn't it?  

Have you ever had a child finally put the pieces of writing together and create something that touches your heart? 

Have you ever seen a "light bulb" go off in a child's head when you're introducing a new concept? 

Have you ever had a shy child finally join in with on a silly song?  

Have you ever seen an introverted child go out of their way to help a classmate?

Miracles happen every day, but they don't happen in the same way and in the same order.  One size doesn't fit all!  That's why it's so important to provide children with many different opportunities and materials to learn.  

Give them time.  

Don't judge too quickly!  

All children are GIFTED!

Some just open their gifts a little earlier than others.


Plan a special day where each child is invited to sing, dance, tell a joke, make something, share a hobby, etc. Emphasize that there are many ways to be wonderful!!

Me Box
Spray paint a shoe box gold or silver. Write "ME" on the front with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Write a note similar to the one below and tape it to the inside lid of the box. Choose one child each day to take home the box. Let them share their treasures with classmates the following day.

Dear Parents,
Your child is bringing home the "ME" box today. Please help him/her find
special objects, photographs, or souvenirs to put in the box. Your child will
have the opportunity to share these things with classmates tomorrow, and
then we will return them to you.
Thanks for helping us "celebrate" your child!

*You could also use a gift bag for this activity.