Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I’m so excited because I’ve got a few new cheers for you today!

I’m So Excited!

When children learn something new or do exceptional work start singing, “I’m so excited.  And I just can’t hide it.  You know, you know, you know, you know, you know skill children have accomplished.

Camera Cheer
Tell your students that they are “front page news” and pretend to take their picture for the newspaper.  Make a clicking noise for the flash as you do this.

Eye Hug 
Smile, close your eyes, and shrug your shoulders.

Love It Cheer
Make a heart with your hands (index fingers touching at the top and thumbs at the bottom) and extend from your heart.

Rock Star Cheer
Put hands down like a rapper and say, “Rock star!”

Smile Cheer
Cock your head to the side, place your palms under your chin, and give a big smile.

Fire Cracker Explosions
Place palms together and make a hissing noise as you move them up in the air.  Clap hands, and then wiggle fingers out and down as you say, “Ahhhhhh!”
Do a baby fire cracker with small movements and a soft voice.
Do a giant fire cracker with exaggerated movements and a loud voice.
Do a slow fire cracker.
How about a happy fire cracker?
How many other variations can the children come up with?