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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Bean Counter
Lay a 14” piece of packaging tape on the table sticky side up.  Place ten lima beans end to end in the middle of the tape as shown.  Fold the top of the tape down, the bottom up, and seal.  Trim off the ends.  Children take the bean counter and place it on the end of the object to be measured.  How many beans long is the object?

*Have children record their measurements.
*How many beans long is the classroom?
*Ask children to find something in the room that is 2 beans long.  Can they find something 5 beans?  10 beans?  etc.
*Make similar rulers with toothpicks, paper clips, and other flat objects.

Circular Counter
Make a straw ruler to measure circular objects.  Cut  plastic straws into 1” segments.  Tie a knot in one end of a shoelace and string on 12 straws.  Tie off the other end of the shoelace.  Good for non-standard measurement.