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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Isn't it amazing that many young children know how to navigate the web, but they do not know how to tie their shoes.  Allison Caspers of Oak Grove Lutheran gets a suitcase and puts an old shoe in it along with one of the poem below.  Each night a child gets to take home the suitcase and practice tying the shoe.  When they have completed their “Shoe Tying Journey” they receive a PASSPORT OF ACCOMPLISHMENT for learning to tie their shoes.

1-2-3-4 – Tying Shoes
Let’s get ready to tie your shoes. 
Over and under.  Now, what to do?   (Pull strings tight.)
1. Make a loop that looks like a tree.  (Make a loop with right string.)
2. The other string is a rabbit you see.  (Hold up left string.)
3. The rabbit goes around and in a hole.  (Take left string around loop and stick
in the hole.)
4.  Pull the loops tight and there is your bow!  (Take both loops and pull.)

Tying Shoes Version 2
Take the 2 strings                                (Make loops with each string.)
And make two bunny ears.
Over and under
And a knot will appear.                           (Tie loops in a knot.)
Pull the ears tight
And what do you know?                          (Pull loops.)
You’ve tied your shoes
And there is your bow!