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Thursday, February 23, 2012


When I was a cheerleader in high school they called me the “mouth of the south.”  As I was working on my blog it dawned on me that 45 years later I’m still the “mouth of the south” for teachers.  You share wonderful ideas with me and then it’s my privilege to pass them on. 

Thank you, Louisiana teachers, for these great ideas!

High Five Hands
Each week cut two hands out of construction paper and tape them to the classroom door.  Write upper and lowercase letters, words, numerals and number words, shapes, etc. on the hands.  Each time the children enter the classroom they “high five” the hands and identify the information.

Quiz Quiz Trade – Pass out flashcards (letters, shapes, words, etc.) to the students.  They walk around and find a partner.  Each child identifies the information on their partner’s card and then they trade and find a new partner. 
Hint!  Encourage students to give hints to help their partner identify the information.

Magic Finger (Suzanne Newton, Baton Rouge)
Have children hold up their index finger and tell them it’s their “magic finger.”  Tell them to close their eyes and then spritz their finger with water.  They can use their “magic finger” to track print and point.

Cheer Book (Norma)
Norma makes a book for each child in her room to help them learn letters and to learn their name.  For each letter in the child’s name there is a page that says, “Give me a letter.”   The last page says, “What’s that spell?  Child’s name!”  You could let children illustrate the last page with their picture or use a photograph.

Friendship Game  (Allison Andrews, Shreveport LA)
This is a great activity to use at the beginning of the school year, to start your day, or when children are having difficulty getting along.
Skills:          oral language, social development, self esteem
Materials:    large bucket with lid (Decorate it with pictures of the children.)     popsicle sticks or cards with each child’s name    (Make sure to put the teacher’s name in as well!)
Instructions:  Sit in a “Friendship Circle.”  Each child draws a    name and says something special to make his/her    friend smile.

Dial a Word  (Sheila Howze, Livingston, LA)
Here is a great game to recycle an old cell phone.  Children take CVC words and find the numbers they represent on the phone.  They can then “call” the word and talk to it. 
D O G – 3, 6, 4
R A T – 7, 2, 8

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