Wednesday, February 15, 2012


President's Day is just around the corner on February 20.

Presidents’ Day – 3rd Monday in February
(Tune:  "Hail to the Chief!")
On Presidents’ Day we remember all the leaders         (Children stand and
In our nation’s history.                                             march as you sing.)
Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Lincoln—               
We stand and salute our Commanders-in-Chief!         (Salute.)
In the great White House
In Washington, D.C.,
They have worked to keep our nation strong.
From seventeen eighty nine till today,
We celebrate all our Commanders-in-Chief!, 2007, Monthly Activities

Letters – Have children write letters to the President.  Don’t be surprised when you get an answer! – This is a great website to learn more about past Presidents, take a tour of the White House, find games, etc.

If I Were the President I Would… Let each child write a story or draw a picture about what she would do if she were President.  Put them together to make a class book.

The Presidents 

(Tune:  “Ten Little Indians”)

History’s full of people and times.
We can learn them with this rhyme.
President’s of the USA
Have made our country great today.

Washington  Adams         Jefferson    Madison
Monroe        Adams       Jackson       Van Buren
Harrison      Tyler         Polk           Taylor
Fillmore       Pierce        and            Buchanan

Lincoln         Johnson      Grant        Hayes
Garfield       Arthur       Cleveland     Harrison
Cleveland     McKinley      Roosevelt     Taft
Wilson         Harding      and           Coolidge

Hoover        Roosevelt    Truman        Eisenhower
Kennedy       Johnson       Nixon          Ford
Carter         Regan         Bush           Clinton
Bush           and            Obama