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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Cut a school bus out of yellow poster board similar to the one shown.  Add magnetic tape to the back and place it on a magnetic board.  Put magnetic letters in the window as you sing the song. 
                   The Letters on the Bus
                  (Tune:  “The Wheels on the Bus”)

                  The letters on the bus all make their sounds,
                  Make their sounds,
                  Make their sounds.
                  The letters on the bus all make their sounds
                  All around the town.
                  The B on the bus goes /b/ /b/ /b/, /b/ /b/ /b, /b/ /b/ /b/,
                  The B on the bus goes /b/ /b/ /b/ all around the town.

*Use the bus for phonics lessons to demonstrate CVC words, silent ‘e’, etc.

Thanks to Iris Nieves for translating the song into Spanish!

El Camion de Letras  
La  A en el camion  dice /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/ /a/
La  A en el camion  dice /a/ /a/ /a/  por la carretera etc...

I did several free concerts in Charleston Schools yesterday and I was once again reminded why I like kids better than most grownups.  One little boy guessed my age to be 22!  I wanted to take him home with me!  He had no idea what a compliment that was!  Children keep us young for real!