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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Here is a story that a kindergarten teacher from NJ sent me.  I love it because it reflects her sensitivity to a scared little boy and shows how love and patience really can change the world…one child at a time!

Wanted to share a sweet story with you that happened thanks to your letter vests!

A little boy who lived in a refugee camp from Darfur joined my classroom two weeks ago. Not a word of English - clearly terrified and has never seen anything like what we have in our classroom (or city, or country!). It must look and sound like another planet! Very long story short, I have been allowing him lots of freedom to explore our room. My students have been amazing, as only 5-6 year olds can be! Since crying silently by the door all of day 1, he has made a little bit of progress every day. Sat for snack day 3. Finally went to the cafeteria for lunch (instead of with me) day 6. etc.

Yesterday, day 9, we were doing a lesson with our brand-new, hot off the presses letter vests. The way the kids would get their letter was to pull from a giant "mystery grab bag" (laundry bag) of objects, one for each letter, such as a stuffed elephant, little bottle of milk, penguin, umbrella, quarter, etc. After telling us the name of the object, letter it begins with and sound, the students would go to my aide and get their letter.
Well, don't ya know, our new friend, was watching from afar. Before you know it, he had quietly made his way over to the carpet and sat down to wait his turn. He had never joined us for a group lesson on the carpet. The boy next to him exclaimed excitedly, “Look who’s on the carpet!" We all clapped and cheered!

Thank you, Dr. Jean, for engaging, fun ways to learn - even for a nervous little guy who has no idea what we are saying!

Phyllis Doerr
K Teacher