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Sunday, February 5, 2012


Bringing Home a Valentine
(Tune:  "Baby Bumblebee")
I’m bringing home a valentine for you,             (Cup hands and move them to  
One that says, “I love you.”                           the beat in front of your body.)
I’m bringing home a valentine for you
With a great big hug, and a (kiss) (kiss), too!    (Hug self and then kiss 
            in the air.)

Valentine for Parents - Let each child take off one shoe and trace around her foot on white paper.  Cut it out.  Give each child 5 small pieces of red tissue paper to wad up and glue at the end of each toe for toenails.  Write “I love you from my head down to my toes” on the foot.

Mouse Bookmark – Cut a heart about the size of a child’s hand from red construction paper.  Fold in half.  Open.  Tape a 6” piece of string in the middle.  Glue closed.  Draw a nose, whiskers, and ears on the heart as shown to make it look like a mouse.  Use for a bookmark.