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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I told this story last week when I was in Flint and several teachers asked me to share it on my blog.

Make a picnic book by telling this story:

Let’s go on a picnic.  First we need a picnic basket.
(Fold the paper in half.)
Next, we need hotdogs.
(Fold the paper in fourths.)
We also need hamburgers.
(Fold the paper into eighths.)

We’ll need a picnic bench to sit at.
(Open so it’s folded in half.  Bring
one bottom flap to the fold.  Turn
over and bring the other bottom flap
to the fold.)
A picnic is more fun if we share it
with a friend.  (Tear down middle crease
until you reach the fold.)
Now all we need is a book to write a
story about our adventures on our picnic.
(Hands on top of bench, bend down, and
fold around to make a book.)

Use for:     letter books, word families
                  reading the room, writing the room
                  fact families
                  shape or color books
                  unit or theme
                  spelling words (picture/sentence)
                  autograph book
                  opposites, story elements
                  original stories
Hint!  Let children decorate an individual cereal box to store their picnic books.