Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Our granddaughter called us last week all excited because, “At my school this Friday we get to watch a movie and have popcorn.” You would have thought she was going to Disney World. We are so very lucky to work with “little” children because they are still tickled with “little” things.

In the “old days” we frequently had theme days where the children could dress up and have special learning activities. (The teachers seemed to get a bigger kick out of dressing up and being kids again than the kids.) Put on your thinking cap and see how you can tie one of these ideas into your standards and curriculum to create a special February day!  

(Who could object to "Favorite American in History" day?)

  • Favorite American in History
  • Cowboy or Cowgirl Day 
  • When I Grow Up 
  • 50’s Day, 70’s… 
  • Favorite Book Character 
  • Dance Party (Dress Up Fancy) 
  • Nursery Rhyme Day 
  • Beach Party (Winter Favorite) 

  • Circus Day 
  • Silly Sock Day 
  • Sports Day 
  • Hat Day 
  • Talent Day 
  • Topsy Turvy Day 
  • Pajama Party 
  • Tasting Party

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