Thursday, February 12, 2015


Hey, did you think I’d forget about magnetic numbers and shapes? Never!!! 

In addition to sorting, hiding, touching, and other activities suggested for 
magnetic letters, here are some unique things to do with magnetic numbers 
and shapes. 

Numerical Order 
Put numbers in order 0, 1, 2, 3… 

Tens and Ones 
How many tens? How many ones? 
Can you make 63? 
Fact Families 
Give children two addends and the sum and have them make and write the 
                                 More? Less? Equal? 
Place numbers in a bag. Children pull out two numbers. Which is more? 
Which is less? Or, are they equal? 

Pick a Number 
Children choose a number from a bag and then make a set to equal that 
*Let children choose a number and then lead the class in doing that number of jumping jacks, toe touches, or other exercises.

What’s the Answer? 
Write addition and subtraction facts on a file folder. Children answer with a 
magnetic number. 
Daily Number 
Put magnetic numbers in a bag. Each day select two from the bag and put 
them together on the board. What’s the number? Count forwards. Count 
backwards. How many tens? How many ones? 

Magnetic Shapes 
Sort, compare, put together to make new shapes, make patterns, create 
designs and so forth. 
Shape and Numeral Sticks Glue shapes and numerals to jumbo craft sticks. Children can match these up to shapes and numerals in the classroom. They can also use these as you count, tell number stories, or sing songs.