Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Did you think that yesterday was all? Here are some more ideas and games with magnetic letters. 

What’s My Letter – Have children cup their hands and then distribute a letter to each. Children give clues to help their friends identify their letter.
For example: My letter is made with two straight lines. You hear it at the beginning of turtle and at the end of bat. What’s my letter?

Touch and Tell - Place a magnetic letter in a sock. Can children reach in the
sock and identify the letter by feeling it?
*Number socks for older students and let them record their answers.

Word Families – Put letters that children can use to make a word family in a cookie tin. Ask them to make all the words they can, or give them a list of words to make from the letters.
*Have them write the words.

Fistful – Put magnetic letters in a lunch bag. Ask children to reach their hand in the bag and pull out a fistful of letters. How many words can they make with those letters? Ask them to write the words.

Letter Sticks - Glue magnetic letters to jumbo craft sticks. Children can
use these to match letters on classroom print.
*Find objects in the room beginning with that sound.
*Hold up letter sticks as you sing alphabet songs.

ABC Books and Letters
Let children match up magnetic letters with letters in alphabet books.