Friday, February 6, 2015


I like to read,
Oh, yes, I do!
I like to read.
I’ll read with you!!

I was volunteering at a school yesterday and I saw the above chant on a bulletin board. Wouldn’t that be a good way to focus children’s attention before reading together? Which reminds me - we have got to SELL children on reading. Children have always longed to do what they see adults do, so reading used to be an easier thing to get children to buy into. Now, how many children actually see their parents reading a book, newspaper, or magazine?

When you read to your class remember to say, “I love to read. It’s so special to read with you.” If your class is reading independently you can comment, “WOW! This is a class of amazing readers! It makes me happy to see all of you reading and enjoying books like I do.” One time when I visited a school I said to the teacher, “I can't believe how well your students can read!” The teacher smiled and said so all could hear, “You know, my children have learned how much fun it is to read and they just want to read all the time!” That’s the power of positive thinking and the power that we have to influence children’s feelings and interests.

Here’s a chant that my daughter wrote a few years ago. It’s done like “Cadence” where children repeat each line.

We Like Books
We like to read, yes we do. (Slap thighs and step from side to side.)
We like books. How about you? (Point to self and then others.)

Books are my friends wherever I go.
When I have a book I’m never alone. (Shake head.)

Search for treasure, solve mysteries. (Hand over forehead.)
Meet famous people from history.

Ride on a dinosaur long ago.
Or fly to the future with a UFO. (Slap hands.)

You can travel to faraway places. (Arms out like airplane.)
Mountains, beaches, or desert oasis.

Learn about pandas and rattle snakes. (Palms together like snake.)
Just look in a book, that’s all it takes.

If you’re feeling sad or blue (Look sad.)
Books are always there for you. (Smile and open palms like a book.)

*Encourage your students to talk about why they like to read.  Let them each contribute a page for a class book called "We Like Books."