Monday, February 23, 2015


Yeah, it’s just another manic Monday…I wish it were Sunday…’cause that’s my fun day…

I’m going to be presenting at the NJ Kindergarten and Pre-K Conference in Atlantic City today, but I wanted to add a little fun to your manic Monday. Bet you didn’t know that it’s International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, did you? I don’t have a pup anymore, but I bought a box of dog biscuits to celebrate the day. (I gave the treats to my neighbor’s dog.)

Make a “Woof! Woof” game. Cut out dog bones and write sight words, math facts, letters, etc. on them. On a few write “Woof! Woof!” Pass the box around and let each child pull out a bone and identify the information. If they select “Woof! Woof!” they have to get down on the floor on all fours and bark like a dog. (They love it!)

Use the dog biscuits for math activities. Add, subtract, make sets, sort… This dog dish with two sections is perfect for tens and ones.

Make a book about pets. Cut the front and back off the box and cut paper the size of the box. Give each child a sheet of paper so they can draw a picture of their pet and write or dictate a sentence about it. (If they don’t have a pet they can draw a picture of a pet they would like to have.) Put their pictures between the covers of the box, hole punch, and you’re ready to read. 

P.S. I watched the Westminster Dog Show last weekend and I want a dog sooo bad. My husband says I have to quit traveling before I can have a dog, so I’ll just have to wait another year or so. However, I’ve picked out some names for my imaginary dog: Jingles, Buttons, or Twinkie. I’m fascinated by the names people give their dogs like “Heredog” (Here-dog!) and Boozer (St. Bernard). What’s your dog’s name?